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Be Honest with Employers

Some job seekers tend to move quickly from employer to employer for multiple reasons including boredom, restlessness, job incompatibility and/or better pay elsewhere. Some take extensive time off between jobs, leaving time lapses that may be questioned on a CV or resume. It may be tempting to fudge on these facts with a potential employer, however, getting hired and then terminated from a job based on false information is never the way to go, and may permanently hinder your future job prospects. Don't be tempted! It is always better to be honest, direct, and straightforward with the employer to lessen their concerns.

Job Hopping. Job hopping is when a job seeker works at multiple companies for one year or less. Since a significant amount of time, money and training are usually spent on new hires, this is not seen as a positive trait and is usually frowned upon.  If this applies to you, consider taking the following approach:

  • Address these issues from the beginning by clarifying it on your cover letter.
  • If it is mentioned in an interview, without hesitation, give solid, well-founded reasons for why it was necessary to leave your former job(s) in such a short amount of time..
  • Without dodging any questions, gently steer the focus back to your achievements, if possible, and how this will directly benefit their organization.

Job Gaps. Job gaps indicate a prolonged period of time that you were not employed, for whatever reason. This is a red flag for an employer and you will almost certainly be asked to explain these lapses. To prevent this, it is best to:

  • Fill in the gaps before they occur. Attend college and volunteer while searching for a job.
  • Consider contract work within your field of expertise, if possible.
  • Take a temporary job while continuing to seek out a permanent position.
If one or more job gaps already exist in your job history, again, be truthful on your resume and give solid, non-rambling answers as to why this is so in any subsequent interviews. If appropriate, follow up by explaining why you feel this new opportunity would be the perfect long term solution for you and indicate a focused interest in future growth as an employee within the company.

Experience. Never exaggerate your experience when looking for a new job. Employers will likely check all of your references, perform a background check and online search that may include all publicly available information from your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles. They will also ask you questions that only a person with a true level of experience would know the answers to. Any hint of dishonesty on your part will most likely compel an employer to quickly move on to the next candidate.

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