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Keeping Your Job Search Confidential

There are numerous reasons an individual may actively be searching for new and better opportunities while they are currently employed: relocation, company downsizing, reduction in pay or even adverse working conditions. These situations can often make it difficult to perform a job search while you are employed due to confidentiality concerns.

Keep it private. As stated previously, using a non-company email account is recommended to keep your job search confidential. However, because most employers now routinely monitor all email and web activity taking place through their servers, it is best to communicate, if possible, using your personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone through its own network or an available wi-fi connection nearby.

Use a Professional Recruiter. A Professional Recruiter will keep your job search confidential as long as you let them know in advance. This will make your job search easier (less time having to do research), better (a recruiter will try to negotiate the highest salary for you), and it is free (the company hiring you pays for the service).

Use caution when posting your resume.

If you need to be discrete in your job search, it is wise to only send your CV or Resume to the recruiter you are working with. Blasting it out to multiple firms and job boards increases the chances that it could end up back in the hands of your current employer.

Remove employer information. On your CV or Resume, it would be wise to remove your current employer if you do not want another organization to contact them. Replacing the details with more generic information such as Confidential Company, New York, NY, will help to prevent them from contacting your current employer and putting your job and career in possible jeopardy.

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