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Create a Compelling Cover Letter

Cover letters are the first impression that you will most likely make with a potential employer. A cover letter is an introduction to who you are, what your background is and the job that you are most interested in. Additionally, you can use a cover letter to discuss areas that you know will be questioned on topics such as job gaps, job hopping, and more that were discussed here in the previous section. Remember to be brief and only include relevant and necessary information.

Personalize. A cover letter should be addressed to a specific person as well as be customized to the company that you are applying to. You should also add the date in which you sent the cover letter to ensure that they know when you sent your CV or Resume.

Get their attention. The very first line or two should immediately grab their attention. If it doesn't, your resume will likely make a quick journey to the trash can.

Be Professional. Throughout your message, you should use the correct salutation (i.e. Mr., Ms., Dr.), as well as proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your message should be crisp and professionally written.

Be specific. You must address the position you are specifically interested in and why the position is of interest. This will help the employer prioritize and organize the responses for the positions that they are recruiting for.

Distinguish yourself. You must be able to effectively explain why you are suited for the position and what separates yourself from others. You will have a higher probability for an interview if you are able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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