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The Recruiting Myth

A common misunderstanding regarding job recruitment is that you can make more money if you don't use a recruiter. Employers rarely, if ever, pay you less for using a recruiting firm. Instead, recruiting fees are generally paid out of the employer's recruiting budget. Often, negotiations result in a higher compensation package being offered, rather than if you go at it alone.

Since most Recruiters are seasoned, experienced, and fully understand the dynamics of the industry, they can be the best friend that you have in the job search process. It is always best to work with a company that provides well-trained recruiters who specialize in your field of expertise.

"Professional Recruiters" defined. A Professional Recruiter is one who offers significant experience in a particular area or specialty in the job search market, does not charge fees to candidates for their services, and represents opportunities from multiple employers. He or She is your Representative, your Agent, and your Career Coach.

Be Honest. Recruiters need to be confident of your abilites when presenting you to a potential employer. One of the worst things that you can do is be dishonest with a recruiter about your qualifications, experiences, or any other aspect of your background or job record.

Be Specific. Don't be afraid to be straightforward and to the point with a recruiter. You will be able to develop a better relationship and stronger rapport, as well as help the them identify the opportunities and locations that suit you best.

Be Professional. Recruiters will generally go out of their way to help individuals who are courteous, professional, and punctual.

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