Contingency Based Recruiting

Contingency Based Recruiting is a type of job search that collects no upfront fees. StaffPointe will initiate the candidate search, and the Employer is billed for medical recruiting costs after the candidate placement is made. The typical fee arrangement consists of the first half of the medical placement fee due when the candidate signs a contract to work with the Employer. The second half is generally due on the candidate's start date.

StaffPointe provides a FREE evaluation for Employers considering a job search. A Certified StaffPointe Recruiter will assist you with the compensation packages, bonuses, job description for your healthcare jobs, and even negotiate contracts. He or She will also assist you and the candidate in any required licensing or documentation that is needed. You will not pay anything until a candidate is secured and placed with your organization. Contingency Based Recruiting is one of the most popular staffing solutions being offered because of the minimal risk involved for Employers.

StaffPointe is a nationwide provider of Staffing Solutions for Medical Employment agencies, Hospitals, and Healthcare Organizations. Through our affiliated network of companies and Certified StaffPointe Recruiting Agencies, we offer a variety of different Physician recruiting, Nurse recruiting, Allied Health recruiting, Administrative Recruiting, Bio Technology Recruiting and other staffing solutions for your medical and healthcare jobs.

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