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Professional Recruiting SolutionsFor over a decade, StaffPointe's expert team has excelled in transitioning thousands of professionals into the next phase of their career. We would not be in existence without those individuals who work behind the scenes, as well as our incredible team of Recruiters. Although our entire team would be too lengthy to list here, our executive members are listed below.

Brandon Wood - Owner and CEO

Mr. Wood has a 20 year background in sales and marketing. In 2007, he joined the StaffPointe team as Director of Business Development. In the following year, Mr. Wood founded the StaffPointe Recruiting Network, which has led to many successful partnerships between small, midsize and high profile firms within the recruiting industry. Mr. Wood helped to oversee the expansion of our business model to include verticals such as Technology, Federal, Engineering, and Financial, and in June 2015, became both owner and CEO.

Brent Stanley - Founder

After founding StaffPointe in 2002, Mr. Stanley put together a unique and highly skilled team of Recruiting Specialists, Account Executives, Marketing Professionals, along with a network of over 100 affiliated virtual offices nationwide. Mr. Stanley continues to work as a liasion with StaffPointe through various channels. His skill and knowledge of the recruitment and healthcare industry are invaluable.

Lia Langston - Group Chief Executive

Mrs. Langston has a degree in Business and a background in administration, management and sales, in addition to over 20 years of recruiting Experience. After establishing her own successful physician recruiting company, Mrs. Langston joined Staffpointe in 2002. She has been instrumental in developing the talented team of outstanding professionals that will service your needs. She believes in developing relationships with our clients that make us an indispensable part of your recruitment team.

Linda Smith - Group Chief Executive

Mrs. Smith began her career with the world's largest recruiting company. Within 12 months, she became a perennial top 5 producer out of 10,000 recruiters nationwide. Mrs. Smith has remained at the top of the industry by establishing her own recruiting company, following a philosophy that quality comes first, and by training recruiters to work with integrity and excellence.

Larry White - Group Chief Executive

Mr. White started recruiting in 1997 and his was one of the first to use the Internet as a tool to source candidates. He has been the CEO of several organizations in New Mexico and in Louisiana. Mr. White spent many years as the Administrator of alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs and he was a Program Director at the National Institute of Mental Health in Rockville, Maryland.