Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner (outpatient)

(Job ID#:  LL3561)

Posted: 2 May 2018 — Location: San Diego, CA — Compensation / Benefits: $ 175 to $ 320 k (permanent) + Outpatient Only

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Are you a certified Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner seeking a unique opportunity to own your own Hospitality / Concierge Medicine practice in San Diego California? Would you enjoy a practice that is NON Medicare/Medicaid, FREE from 3rd parties, and a 100% credit card based business? This opportunity is minimum liability Hospitality / Concierge Medicine at its best!

Experience a high income / low patient volume practice with extremely low overhead. Have the world's only Surgeon and Physician to be awarded the Hotel Industry's coveted 5 Star Diamond Award as your mentor in this business opportunity that provides you an avenue to learn the secrets of developing a successful Concierge Medicine practice. You will have access to a 22 year old model seeing celebrities, renown VIPs, traveling businessmen/women, and vacationing families while having access to proprietary trademarks, software, patents, systems and telemedicine.

This licensing program will enable you to be life coached by the Founder and CEO of this successful national Concierge Medicine organization. His personal private practice yields approximately 1 million dollars per year in profits; while visiting less than 500 patients per year. Learn the secrets of Hospitality / Concierge Medicine, how to really enjoy your medical practice, and truly earn what you are worth.

With the average housecall bringing in $2,475 this practice model gives you a lifestyle with plenty of time for patients, family, physical fitness, worship and vacation. This medical Rolls Royce offers one day in the bank processing and a almost 100% collectability and near zero claim rate. This model affords maximum success as you learn and master new technologies and systems rather than languish in traditional antiquated models which do not reimburse providers accurately and fairly for their time and expertise.

There is strict protocol in place in which clients are screened through a call center before they are assigned. You will only see conditions that can safely be seen on an outpatient urgent care basis. The average house call brings in over two thousand dollars and offers 1 day in the bank processing, an extremely high collection rate and near zero claim rates.


  • A board certification as a PA or NP is needed to purchase.

  • Clean Malpractice history

  • Experience as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant is extremely helpful

  • A working knowledge of the EMR system is a plus


To find out more information in regards to this opportunity, please contact Lia at (402) 794-4058 with inquiries, or you may EMAIL your CV to [email protected]. CVs may also be FAXED to (877) 878-1970, or uploaded through the link below. Please reference job# LL3561.


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Lia Langston is a highly qualified search consultant for StaffPointe's Healthcare Division and has served as our Physician and Advanced Practice Nursing Director since 2002. With more than 25 years of experience in total, you will find Lia to be extremely professional, personable and thorough.


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